SULZER SURPLUS Bare Shaft Pump CZ 125-400 PG11 Oil ISO 7005-1 PN 16

Material CF8M/316

Type LJB Chemical Centrifugal Pump 
* Type LU Pymp Lined Polyether Chioride 
* Type NMB Nanometer Chemical Pump 
* Type U chemical Centrifugal Pump 
* Type SAJ Chemical Flow Pump 
* Type SAU chemical Centrifugal Pump 
* Type ZA Pertochemical Flow Pump 
* Type IH chemical Centrifugal Pump 
* Type IS Sing-stage &Single-suction Clean Water Centrifugal Pump 
* Type AFB Corrosion Resisting Centrifugal Pump 
* Type FMZ Self-suction PUMP 
* Type FSB Fluoroplastics Alloy Centrifugal Pump 
* Type IHF Fluorplastics Alloy Centrifugal Pump 
* Type S Single-stage & Double-suction Centrifugal Pump 
* Type D, DG Multi-stages Centrifugal Pump 
* Type ZBJ Pulp Pump 
* Type AY entrifugal oil Pump 
* Type FYL Long-shaft Submerged Pump 
* Type SDY Submerged Pump 
* Type LJYA Phosphate Pulp Pump 
* Type YWL Vertical Dirty Water Pump Without Block 
* Type WQ Electric Submerged Pump 
* Type PNL Single-stage &Single-suction Dredging Pump 
* Type YL Vertical Dluble-stages Submerged PUMP 
* Large Type FJX Evaporation Circulating Pump 

Two-phase Flow Pulp Pump; Chemical Pump. ZA Petrochemical Process Pump; IH Chemical Pump; HS Type Chemical Pump; FY Submersible Chem. Pump; CZ Chemical Pump; AY Series Centrifugal Oil Pump; Clear Water Pump. S-SH Type Pump; QJ Deep Well Pump; IS、IR Type Pump; HW Volute-type Mixed-flow Pump; D Type Pump; SPP single-stage mixed-flow pumps

TP manufacture and stock almost all spares for the Ahlstrom Process pump models. Our selection of Ahlstrom replacement parts encompasses all Ahlstrom spares.

This includes all Ahlstrom pump models:

Ahlstrom APP spares, Ahlstrom APT spares, Ahlstrom NPP spares, Ahlstrom NPT spares, Ahlstrom WPP spares, Ahlstrom WPT spares, Ahlstrom AUP spares, Ahlstrom EPP spares, Ahlstrom EPT spares, Ahlstrom CPT Spares, Ahlstrom ASP Spares, Ahlstrom ARP Spares , Ahlstrom ZPP Spares, Ahlstrom MCA, MCV, MCE Spares and other models.

All pump spares are available in all stainless alloys: 316SS, 317SS, ASTM A890 3A, ASTM A890 5A, 254 SMO, 654 SMO, Alloy 20, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C, Titanium, etc.

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